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Fusion Media Systems is one of St. Louis’ most experienced and highly recommended sophisticated electronic lifestyle specialists. The original Fusion team has been together for over 15 years. In addition to the original Fusion staff, Fusion hand-selected the finest support staff in the St. Louis area. Each valued employee comes with years of experience and their own success stories which benefit not only Fusion but most importantly, our clients. The team at Fusion has a combined 210 years of design, installation and programming experience with over 1400 successfully completed projects. One or more of your friends has probably had a great experience with the Fusion team.

Fusion Media Systems specializes in planning, designing, integrating, programming and installing cutting edge technology-based audio and video control systems. Fusion's expertise doesn’t stop there! In addition, Fusion specializes in lighting control for both natural and artificial lighting, home networking, automation, communication systems, media rooms, single and multi-room entertainment systems, security and surveillance systems and climate control. We take pride in offering you systems that best fit your needs--and not necessarily the most expensive options.

Fusion has the capability to meet all of your low voltage and high voltage needs. With our sister company, Fusion Electrical Systems we can reduce the number of contractors working on your project, which leads to increased productivity, improved communication, and less stress for everyone involved. Our veteran union technicians will wire your automated home or business safely, correctly, and on schedule, from start to finish.

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Fusion customers include custom home builders, private residential clients, architects, interior designers, country clubs and commercial general contractors and businesses.

Please contact us and together we can dream, imagine and create a simple yet sophisticated electric lifestyle to perfectly suit your needs. We very much look forward to meeting with you!