Business Solutions

Fusion Media Systems is a provider of state-of-the-art integrated technology solutions. We focus on designing and installing visual communications and presentation systems for organizations small and large in both corporate and education markets. From a large, complex boardroom system to a simple classroom, Fusion can meet all your organization's visual communications and integrated technology needs. We specialize in designing and integrating technology solutions including LCD projectors, DLP projectors, video projection systems, large display LCD monitors, plasma screens, command and control systems, sound systems and projection screens.We design seamless integration so that large-format plasma displays, LCD monitors, audio, lighting and shade solutions; and control systems work in conjunction with one another. You gain productivity and boost the impact of your presentations while your organization maximizes the return on a splendid technology investment.



Phone Systems

Fusion can set up Panasonic Business Phone Systems for businesses large and small. Consolidating your office phone system improves efficiency and production. Fusion is well versed in several business phone systems. Contact us to diagnose the best solution for your needs and we’ll deploy a seamless system for your workplace.