The products and solutions available in the custom audio/visual and integration industries continue to evolve and change quickly. For your home theater, wireless networking, and centralized HDTV video distribution, we will design the latest technology for all of your personal audio and video dreams.


iPad Controls & Remotes

Home automation system controllers are moving away from dedicated remotes and onto our everyday smartphones and tablets. Fusion carries various brands of both hard-button remotes and mobile system controllers such as: URC, Creston, and Savant.

Click to see Savant's remote control app for managing your systems and environment.

iPad control systems allow you to manage your environment (lighting, audio, video, HVAC, security cameras, shades) from a simple, innovative app installed on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. These control systems allow users of all ages to quickly and easily adjust the settings for a single room or the entire house from your smartphones or tablets.

Fusion carries industry-leading universal hard-button remotes for customers who prefer a dedicated remote to control the environment in each room. We carry the full line of URC remotes which our expert programmers customize to control any complex or basic system. In addition, we give our customers full ownership of the remote programming code on URC remotes (while many of our competitors do not). For customers with Savant systems, we offer a hard- button remote which incorporates a touch screen by attaching to an iPod Touch. 



Many of the dedicated media rooms we have completed use projectors to display video. We strive to use the sharpest, highest quality projectors for superior viewing enjoyment. Projectors are ideal when a large display is desired, as very large televisions are usually extremely expensive.


Media Servers

Fusion customers often incorporate a media server to instantly stream movies, shows, or internet radio. We satisfy each customer's unique needs by offering several server options including Squeezebox and AppleTV.



We offer several prominent brands of high-definition / 3D Plasma, LCD, and LED televisions. Through our extensive experience with many different displays, we have learned the best video display option for most systems is LED (light-emitting diode) televisions. LED TV’s produce a very clear, colorful, and bright picture, ideal for every image from fast paced sporting events to television interviews. We also offer VisionArt and Seura systems to cleverly disguise your television as an elegant painting or mirror. This is ideal for customers who want the television screen in view on an as-needed basis.



For casual listeners to audiophiles and for everyone in between, Fusion will customize the perfect audio design for ultimate enjoyment. Whether it’s a whole-house indoor/outdoor system or a single media room, we have quality in-wall, bookshelf, tower, or outdoor speaker systems to enhance your environment. For high-end audio systems, Fusion regularly partners with the home audio experts at Music For Pleasure.