Fusion Media Systems is proud to partner with a company whose passion for perfection reaches your eyes and ears. It all begins with a talented workforce. Integra selects fanatical engineers and designers, provides them with the absolute finest parts and materials, the most sophisticated test and measurement equipment available, and facilities that are second to none. Integra backs this investment with the support and technical resources of parent company, Onkyo whose unparalleled track record of audio engineering excellence spans more than half a century.

The end result? A superb product produced by a company that has never had any intention of being the biggest--just the best!--creators of premium audio and video components.

Fusion uses Integra's outstanding audio/video receivers in many home theater systems. Besides enjoying the outstanding quality and reliability, customers know that Integra stands behind their products with great service and support. It is easy to see why Integra is well respected by Fusion and throughout the home integrator and audio/ video community as a whole.