Fusion Media Systems

Jeff Praechter
Co-Founder Fusion Media Systems and Fusion Electrical Systems (Sales)

Jeff co-founded Fusion Media Systems in 2008 and Fusion Electrical Systems, in 2012 with Shawn Hagan. His career began in 1997 as a lighting manufacturer’s representative designing lighting control systems. In 2004, Jeff brought his design skills along when he joined a custom audio/video integrator. His role turned into project management, which then led to sales. As is evident in his career progression, Jeff enjoys customer interaction and the satisfaction of providing customized lighting controls, audio/video systems, and electrical systems for clients throughout the St. Louis region. By cultivating and gratifying loyal customers, Jeff is now frequently tapped to customize clients’ vacation homes and second residences outside the St. Louis area.

Shawn Hagan
Co-Founder Fusion Media Systems and Fusion Electrical Systems (Sales)

Shawn co-founded Fusion Media Systems in 2008 and Fusion Electrical Systems in 2012 with Jeff Praechter. After learning the many intricacies of the home automation industry, sharpening her sales and project management skills, then acquiring several smaller competitors, Shawn is recognized as a talented, top salesperson. She finds it most rewarding to teach customers how technology can simplify their lives. Shawn delights in demonstrating how almost any features in a living space or work environment can be easily controlled with the push of a button. Outside of Fusion, Shawn prioritizes family and is an enthusiastic fan at her children’s baseball games and wrestling meets.

Cindy Willhoyt
Office Coordinator

Right from the beginning, Cindy has been a key component to the everyday operations of Fusion Media Systems since we opened in 2008 and now she’s also an integral part of Fusion Electrical Systems. Cindy is passionate about customer service. When clients call to request service appointments, she has the knowledge to troubleshoot problems and is patiently helpful in resolving some issues over the phone. When a system needs on-site attention from a technician, Cindy sets the appointment and prepares the technician with information and any equipment he may need to remedy the problem. Cindy is involved in just about every aspect of Fusion. She is vital to successful customer relations and is the catalyst for Fusion’s efficient operations.

Jimmy Dole
Project Manager

Jimmy has been a vital team member since joining Fusion Media Systems in 2013. With his degree in network technology, Jimmy serves as the go-to guy for various and wide-ranging daily assignments from runner to writer to trainer to tester. We rely on Jimmy’s diligent attention to detail to keep field projects running smoothly. He genuinely enjoys training customers on their electronics. Jimmy’s helping hand and calm demeanor aid in solving issues especially when clients are struggling to understand and utilize new technology. Jimmy is devoted to family, sports, movies and the St. Louis Blues.

Tim Bednarek
Field Technician

Tim is part of the original Fusion Media Systems team. He is very knowledgeable about surveillance cameras and security systems, and has studied and familiarized himself with all of the equipment brands Fusion represents and installs. Prewiring a building is Tim’s favorite project stage because it is the foundation of a reliable system and dictates how smoothly the rest of the installation goes. Tim has mastered many skills in nearly 20 years in the industry. He is currently honing his programming know-how in order to easily customize home automation for clients. When he is not demonstrating his technological wizardry, Tim enjoys playing pool and spending time with his family.

Ron McCutchen
Field Technician

Ron is proud to say he’s been with Fusion Media Systems since Day One. Working with audio and video equipment for the past 15 years, Ron has extensive experience building media systems, and troubleshooting hardware and connection issues. He takes great pride in his specialty which is wiring and organizing complex equipment racks. While working in broadcast radio, Ron became accustomed to working under pressure. Known as our “rack guru,” his calm demeanor and skilled efficiency continue to be evident in his work ethic. Ron challenges himself to learn emerging technologies on his own through practice and perseverance. In his spare time, Ron enjoys life with his growing family and also loves the adrenaline rush of going fast on anything with 2 or 4 wheels.

Joe McLafferty
Programmer/ Field Technician

Joe is respected by his customers and peers for his ability to quickly diagnose and fix just about any issue he encounters. He’s an ace technician with an eye for detail and enviable patience to troubleshoot methodically. In addition to his knowledge of hardware, Joe is a top-flight programmer. With 8 years of industry experience, he possesses the valuable skill set of taking any project from the prewire stage, to equipment installation, to completion with customized programming. When he’s not showing his versatility at work, Joe can be found dominating his darts league, enjoying a St. Louis Blues game, or training his young pup.

Jon Ridgeway
Field Technician

Jon is the most experienced technician at Fusion Media Systems. He has been with Fusion since our inception in 2008. His technical expertise comes from 25 years of hands-on experience with electronics. Jon is the go-to technician when his fellow techs require advice on troublesome service problems or any security system questions. Not only is Jon brave enough to take on systems in the largest homes in St. Louis, he enjoys the challenge of working big custom projects start to finish. Jon successfully completed a residential project where he spent almost every weekday on-site for two years! When he isn’t tackling security systems or large audio/video installations, Jon likes to hunt deer and collect garden tractors in addition to spending time with his family.

Sarkis Mouradian
Programmer/ Field Technician

Sarkis joined Fusion Media Systems in early 2014. He has become a valued member of the company through his dedication and versatility. Sarkis has nearly 20 years of experience selling, installing, and programming audio/video systems. His favorite field task is custom programming. With his programming knowledge and affable nature, he loves delighting customers with user-friendly features they didn’t know were possible. Sarkis’ quick-witted humor, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile for his customers have endeared him to our clients and everyone at Fusion. Sarkis is our resident sports aficionado. Off-duty, he plays in a soccer league and watches St. Louis Blues hockey games at every opportunity.

Fusion Electrical Systems

Richard Dickherber
Sales & Project Management

Richard (Dick) has been a vital component of Fusion Electrical Systems and its day-to-day operation since the company began in 2012. His roles include sales, estimating, project management and customer support. Dick began his career at his family business, Dickherber Electric, over 40 years ago, where he became an expert in many aspects of the electrical industry. While some view estimating jobs as tedious work, Dick finds estimating interesting because each job requires careful planning to accommodate customers’ unique needs and spacial arrangement. Finishing projects is the most rewarding aspect of Dick’s job because a satisfying completion builds trust with clients and solidifies relationships. He enjoys family life, spending time with his grandchildren, and playing golf with friends whenever possible. At Fusion, Dick is well liked for his outgoing nature and deeply respected for his relentless work ethic.

Jimmy Thess
Journeyman Electrician

Jimmy was one of the first electricians hired at Fusion Electrical Systems when the company opened in 2012. Including his apprenticeship, Jimmy has over 27 years of field experience. His loyal customer base is testament to his solid reputation as a skilled, hardworking journeyman electrician. Jimmy’s long-time customers are so devoted, they specifically request Jimmy and willingly wait for a service call with him. His reputation is solidified as a skilled, fair, and efficient electrician who refuses to cut any corners. Jimmy spends his free time enjoying the outdoors, growing a vegetable garden, and fishing, because, as he’ll tell you, fishing is relaxing but requires patience and proper technique.

Mike Boxx
Journeyman Electrician

Mike began his career as an electrician over 30 years ago. He joined Fusion Electrical Systems in 2013 and says his favorite part of the job is the familial environment at Fusion which is a camaraderie that is missing from larger electrical companies. As a journeyman electrician, Mike works on everything from wiring large custom homes under construction to servicing older homes with outdated wiring and electrical equipment. He takes pride in prioritizing safety. Mike also has splendid “people skills” and helpfully instructs and appeases even the most apprehensive customers. Mike loves being a grandpa and also enjoys his longstanding, once-a-week game with his volleyball league.

Joe King
Journeyman Electrician

Joe is a versatile electrician who not only spends time in the field but also helps in the design and bid phases of projects. On every job, Joe aims to help customers achieve their electrical system objectives while earning their confidence through top quality work. He has worked at Fusion Electrical Systems as a journeyman electrician and proposal expert since 2014. However, his career as an electrician began in 2004. Outside of work, Joe coaches youth baseball and he’s a fit and committed runner who enjoys the benefits of this stress-relieving activity.