URC - Control the Experience.

At Fusion Media Systems, our experienced URC certified programmers have several years of experience and dozens of successful projects with systems of all sizes controlled by Universal Remote Control products. Fusion customers enjoy the logical, user-friendly URC interface and the scalability of URC systems. It is common to start with a control system in a couple rooms and seamlessly add additional rooms to the controller or the entire home at a later date. These controllers can operate audio/video or additional functions such as lighting, shades, HVAC, and security cameras.

  • Over 20 years as the leading supplier of universal remote controls
  • More than 100 million remotes supplied in the past 10 years alone
  • Solutions that span every control market, from subscription broadcast to complete home and commercial automation
  • Consistently ranked the #1 brand in custom remote and whole-house control markets

URC for Business

Leveraging audio, video and technology is vital for meetings and presentations. With URC, you can take control of all audio, video teleconferencing, video conferencing and lighting in a snap. Need to prep the presentation room before you arrive? Fusion Media Systems will guide you on using a mobile app on your smart phone or tablet to enable remote set-up for meeting and conferences.

- Touch a URC keypad to turn on the lights to the perfect level as you enter the room. --To start your presentation, lower the shades, dim the lights, drop the screen—all with one touch.

- Leverage URC’s world-renowned remote controls to manage all A/V components for affordable in-room or lobby controls.

- Easily accommodate visiting presenters with a simple plug-in.

- No loss of investment on URC products. Simply scale the system as your needs grow. Go from basic, one-room control to multiple rooms and floors.

URC Total Control - Simply Brilliant